About Us

Over the years, Ardenne alumni have bonded together in an effort to promote and enrich the academic, cultural, physical and social development of Ardenne. They have also built fellowship between one another, while serving the needs of the school community, by way of organized Past Students Associations.

Presently, there are five major chapters of the Ardenne Alumni Association. They are Jamaica, New York, Florida, Washington/Maryland and Toronto. Jointly they list over 1,500 Alumni, with Jamaica having more than 1,000 listed; New York approximately 250; Florida approximately 130; Washington/Maryland about 30 and Toronto 112 listed. The chapters are in various stages of evolution.

Each chapter works individually through fundraising and personal incentives of members to meet the needs of the school, and provide an opportunity for fellowship. In some instances, they work jointly to meet school objectives, as in the case of the International Alumni Conference program.

We are living in an age where all organizations are called upon to do more with less. As government funding decreases, strong support from Ardenne alumni is vital in ensuring that Ardenne High School maintains the level of excellence for which it is known. Gifts in cash and kind from alumni assist in helping to create a strong case for support to others interested in giving to this institution. In addition, future alumni will value what they themselves received and will want to become donors and sponsors.

Everyone can recognize and relate to the importance of helping to shape the lives of future generations. The forum in which we are gathered is testimony that many Ardenne alumni understand the importance of giving back to the institution that helped to shape who they are today. It is imperative that you embrace the alumni's concept and its function, allowing your insights to be guided by its purpose and rewards. It is important to focus on the rewards and the benefits that the Ardenne Alumni Association provides, not only to current students but also to the individual alumnus.

Why should you be a part of the Ardenne Alumni Association? As an Ardenne alumnus, there are benefits to you joining the association. While we search for innovative ways towards introducing a system of rewards, you can benefit from reawakening feelings you had years ago, begin to establish business networks, and experience the satisfaction from giving to someone who might follow in your footsteps.