What is the Ardenne Alumni Association?

The Ardenne Alumni Association is an association formed for the purpose, as stated in the constitution, of promoting and enriching the academic, cultural, philosophical, social and physical development of Ardenne High School. It is an organisation which provides opportunities and facilities for fellowship between past and present students of Ardenne.


Why should you be a part of the Association?

As an Ardenne alumnus, there are benefits to you joining the association. While we search for innovative ways towards introducing a system of rewards, you can benefit from reawakening feelings you had years ago, begin to establish business networks, and experience the satisfaction that comes from giving to someone who might follow in your footsteps.


When does the Alumni Association meet?

Meetings are held every quarter at Ardenne High School in the Olson Hall. Please register if you would like to receive notices about our meetings. Also, meeting dates will be posted on this website.


Are there any Chapters outside of Jamaica?

Yes, there are four chapters outside of Jamaica. The current chapters are as follows:

1. Florida, USA

2. New York, USA

3. Toronto, Canada

4. Washington, USA